An Elite Action Sports Curriculum

At Coyote Academy, we pride ourselves in having the best skateboard & surf programs LA has to offer. We're dedicated to fostering the physical & mental well-being of our youth through the power of action sports.

Become a Coyote

That's About More Than Just Learning to Skate & Surf

Our mission is to teach kids the power of focus, perseverance, and resilience through skateboarding and surfing. To help them build tremendous confidence and discipline, which will shape who they become and set them up for both near and long-term success.

I Want My Kids To Learn & Grow

It's About Building Confidence

Confidence is one of the most powerful attributes kids can acquire. To be able to believe in themselves and see their hard work pay off is truly life-changing. And we see it first-hand on a daily basis. Kids transforming in front of our eyes. Becoming more confident, resilient, persistent, and focused. And these traits will stick with them for life. This is what action sports has taught us and what we want to pass onto the next generation.

I Want My Kids To Be Confident

With Role Models Who Care About Their Future

We are not your stereotypical skaters and surfers. We don't party, we are educated, entrepreneurial, and have insane work ethic. And we pride ourselves on pushing the kids to be their best in every way possible. Because we recognize that skateboarding and surfing is about so much more than just athleticism. It's about learning to fall, get back up, and never quit. To understand that nothing worth having comes easy. And that the most rewarding part of the learning process is who you become on the journey and not the destination itself.

I Want My Kids to Succeed

Because Your Kids Deserve the Best

You've sacrificed so much to get to where you are. To provide for your family. So you deserve only the best. And so do your children. Because they are the future. And the future will be brighter because of you.

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The Best Time to Start is Now

Get your kids on the path to success and happiness. Enroll them in the best skateboard and surf curriculum in Los Angeles.