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Skateboard Camp

Skateboard Camp

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Our skate camp is currently offered on Saturdays & Sundays from 3:30pm-8pm.


- The price listed is weekly. $200/student for one day or $300 for both days.

Our skateboard camp provides students with a safe place to practice and improve their skateboarding skills, a physical activity to keep them fit and healthy, a positive social environment to foster friendships, and coaches who dedicate themselves to being incredible role models for the kids.

Our skate program is divided into three parts that we practice daily to build healthy habits for the long-term.

Part I - The Warm-Up

First, we spend about 15 minutes going through a thorough warm-up to get our kids ready to ride. By strategically engaging the muscle groups we will be utilizing most during the session, we are able to properly prepare for the lesson and minimize risk of injury.

Part II - The Session

Next, we spend about 3 hours practicing both obstacle challenges and technical movement/board skills to progress our students at their own pace and in a safe manner. By pushing each kid to their own limit, and not comparing them to our other students, we are able to help our kids build lasting confidence and become better versions of themself every day.

Part III - Stretching

Finally, we spend the last 15 minutes going through total body, dynamic stretching. This ensures that our students improve and maintain their flexibility, so they can have longevity in their sports. By building the habit of stretching after exercise and sport, we set our students up for a lifetime of exceptional mobility and strength.

*Limited Availability*

We only accept up to 8 kids per camp to ensure the highest quality of service for our Coyotes. For 3-5 Coyotes, there is one coach instructing and supervising. For 6-8 Coyotes, there are two coaches instructing and supervising.

For Bookings/More Info: (213) 436-8371

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