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Saguaro (Complete)

Saguaro (Complete)

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The Saguaro is our flagship twin tail deck. It took us over two years of testing to finally come up with this bad boy. And we are so proud of it. Here's what you need to know about this skate deck.

We left a lot of concave in the middle and made the twin tails mellow for effortless flip tricks. Warning: This is the best board you'll ever skate. 

DECK: Mellow kicks. Medium concave. Length: 32". Wheelbase: 14.1". Nose & Tail length: 6.75".

TRUCKS: High quality aluminum made in the USA with hollow axle and kingpin. Similar to Independent, but half the weight. Sized to exact width of board.

WHEELS: Made in California with the highest quality raw urethane. No added dyes or chemicals. All completes come with 52mm wheels.

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